Fairy Tail 50

This indeed has to be the greatest challenge that Fairy Tail has ever faced. I mean just look at the stopper on that flask. It is menacing everything that it looks at. It even menaced me for a minute and then it realized that I did not care about it. But seriously would you trust something that has a stopper on it like that. Probably not. But apparently Juvia trusted. Look what she ended up with. She got nothing out of it and she paid a lot of money for it. I mean seriously Gray went chasing the horizon at the end of the episode. Nothing came of it.

I’m all for a NatsuxLucy pairing. But seriously this episode would have seemed like a very cheap way of doing it. Natsu just seems like that type of guy that would just tell a girl that he loves her. He would then attempt to prove it to her. But right now Natsu just seemed more interested doing what he does best and that is being a destructive Fairy Tale wizard. I was surprised that Gajeel was nowhere in this episode. He must have been off doing something important that is going to be use to the guild later.

This is it for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back for more.


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