Shiki 12

I’m happy that Shiki is back. I have been waiting just like everyone else for episode 12 and now it is here. Shiki is definitely one of the recent anime that I have liked the most. It has creeped me out several times and this episode was no exception. I love this series because you can tell that time was spent on making it in the proper way. But enough about that about on to the main show.

This episode probably pissed me off the most. Natsuno’s dad was being a real douche to Akira and his sister. Natsuno’s dad could have just taken the time and actually checked for the bite marks on Natsuno’s neck. Then again he probably would have dismissed it as bug bites. Sometimes I wonder what is going on. But seriously Natsuno’s dad is a real douche. The two of them were only worried about Natsuno. Especially considering they know that he got bit.

That is about the only thing that I wanted to say about this episode. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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