Sora no Otoshimono: Forte 1

I think that I was definitely right in picking this up to watch. Within the first few minutes I could tell that it going to stay true to the formula in the first season. Forte will definitely be funny. Like I said in the beginning it already had me laughing. But I wonder why Tomoki would have Icarus shoot missiles at this penis. Then there is the fact that there is no apparent damage for said attack.

Then later on they are trying to go into Tomoki’s dream and they keep missing. The best dreams were those of the president and Sohara. I mean seriously Sohara was having weird fantasies about Tomoki and the President wanted to destroy everything. But I’m in favor of Sohara’s dream. It was clearly the best and I believe that any guy would agree with me. Of course Sohara did not want any of the others to know so she passed it off on Tomoki. I feel sorry for him. He got hit with a golf club. But I wonder why Sugata got hit as well.

Then we have the little scene where Sugata remembers when he met Tomoki and that following night. But what is this. At the very end we see another Angeloid and it appears she is looking for Tomoki. I wonder what she could possibly want. She did look like she was hunting though. I do believe that Tomoki is prey. I guess the Synapse wants both Icarus and Nymph back.

Well this is all for this post. Check back next week for more. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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