Asobi ni Iku yo! Final Episode

Well this show clearly has something of everything now. It has cat people and dog people. It has a harem. It has spaceships. It has battle ready mech suits look like they are a lot impossible to use. It has magic also. Also let’s not forget the little girl who can make the magic seals. I don’t think I have forgot anything. If you think I forgot anything just put in the comments section below.

I must say though that Kio is one lucky man. He has three girls that love him. Plus one of them happens to be an Alien. I bet that any man on earth would like that. What I can’t believe is that Manami and Aoi started having their argument over Kio in Space. I mean hello they were suppose to be saving the Earth. Besides it was not like the Earth was in immediate danger. They had two weeks before the ship would have hit Earth. But at least Kio now has three lovers.

That multi-task organizer just became even more awesome. I mean hell you can even alter your DNA with it. That would basically make it to where you would never have to do anything again. I really wish that those existed. But then again in seems like it would create a lot of instability in what ever was made. I mean seriously it has to violate like every law of physics to do what it does. The Catians that thought of that must have been  geniuses. Kio made himself a Catian with that thing. I wonder if he gets any extra perks for being part cat now. You know besides the whole ears and tail thing. I don’t think that I would want the tail. It seems like it would do more bad than good.

Now on to the giant Space battle. Those suits that girls were wearing looked like they came right out of the 80’s They could not have thought of something better. But they seriously messed up the Dogisians with those suits. One thing I don’t get is how Aoi and Manami were able to move that big space station. I’m pretty even if it was in outer space it still has a little bit too much mass to move like that. Plus it was entering the atmosphere. I’m pretty sure that at that point you are not moving it off it’s projected course.

Well that is all for this post this is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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