Asobi ni Iku Yo! 11

This episode definitely added one twist after another. I think the most surprising twist was that man from the first episode was still alive. I want to know hos is hell did he live. That place was clearly blown to high hell and back. Unfortunately I don’t share the same opinion with him about loving one’s country. It would seem to me that he loves the government that gives him a job. My way of loving a country is in the people that make it up.

That bell that Captain Kuune has in quite awesome. But I do believe that altering the chemical make-up of an element kind of makes it unstable. But who the hell cares. You could make anything with it. I just have to wonder how long it took the Catians to come up with that one. I would like one of those things. Just not in that bell form. That would definitely be to big and gaudy for me. If it could be put into a ring type form that would definitely be awesome.

The design of the Catian ship is definitely stupid. It is registered to the DNA of its Captain. That kind of makes it pointless. So if the Captain ordered the ship to fire but then fell unconscious. How do you give the ship an order to cease fire? Without the captain it seems impossible. But at least the bell is transferable. Better hope that Captain gives it to someone before they fall unconscious. I think a more reasonable in the Army Style Chain of Command. If the captain falls unconscious then it should actually look for the DNA of the next in Command. It would have prevented their disaster.

Then Aoi and Manami have a little fight. By my guess Aoi is mad at Manami for talking to Kio. But these two characters definitely should not be in the spotlight. So why were they put there. I mean the title clearly states Asobi ni Iku Yo!: Bombshells from the Sky. If I am not correct neither of them come from the sky. They really need to focus on Eris more. But with one episode I really don’t know what they can do to solve this problem.

Well this is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


2 thoughts on “Asobi ni Iku Yo! 11

  1. One I totally Disagree with your comment the overall story was good but the love triangle sucked and the fact Eris had to give up her mating season sucked too. Also I don’t think Kio was very lucky to have 3 girls. They may love him, but I doubt he love all of them the same except for maybe Eris. Kio knows he has feelings for Eris and Eris has feelings for him, but he never said he had feelings for the other 2 girls the same that they do him. Also I don’t really like the other two girls, Aoi is to damn shy and also flat chested, Manami is just to damn nosie and to damn violet and any guy that wants her is stupid. Eris is the only girl that’s kind, nice, and seems more normal except for the fact she has cat ears and tail, but to tell you the truth the story would have been better if either one Aoi and manami died or 2 they just stayed friends only.
    Your review on this sucks unless your a player and then that really isn’t true love then either.

    1. I never said that I liked the love triangle aspect of the show. I actual hate most shows that take this approach.

      Obviously, Kio does not love Aoi and Manami in the same way that he loves Eris. I really don’t see relevance Aoi being flat-chested or Manami being loud and violent has in a conversation about love.

      You would be quite surprised about what type of girls that guys want. You just seem to be chock full of personal opinions and then want to force your idea of the ideal mate on others.

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