Kuroshitsuji II Review

This has definitely been an anime that I have enjoyed watching. It may have been my favorite anime. But When K-On or Shiki was not on. I enjoyed watching this. But enough with my ranting about other things that are not this anime.

Kuroshitsuji II definitely gets points in my book for the creativity it showed. It may have been in other anime, but I only know of this one. I like the idea that the demon took the form of a butler in order for someone to get their revenge.

The story being set in 19th century England. It is this setting that really sets the whole tone for the show. Without this the story would have been pretty much bland. It shows you how cutthroat that time period. It shows a side of the power plays and such that you never thought imaginable. It get to see the corruption at all levels in society.

But what really shine is the fact that as everything is going on a little boy is trying to hunt down the people that killed his family. But the only problem is that he has already done this and lost his memories. But his demon of a butler is trying to get those memories back so that way he can eat his soul. That is all I’m going to tell you about the story. But the story is artfully and masterfully put together and told. It is full of detail and back story.

All the characters in this anime definitely have their own personalities. You can also see how they change over time. The story of each character has somewhat of sad back story to them. You feel like you have actually gotten to know the characters and what causes them to act the way they do. Sometimes I caught myself wanting to tell one of the characters not to do something.

The artwork in this anime is definitely one of the things that shine. You get the feel that you are actually in 19th century England. You see the old castles and the horse carriages. You also see the dress of the period. It goes in to helping set the mood and tone for the show. You can tell that animators took their time and paid attention to the details. They wanted something that was convincing and they hit it right on.

Well that is all for this review. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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