Shiki 11

Tatsumi is definitely one hell of an asshole. He is going to torment the hell out of Ozaki for figuring out that the shiki exist. I can’t believe that Kyouko is inviting someone that she barely knows into her home. And now the Kirishiki’s plan on speeding up the process of making other Shiki’s. They are having their doctor open up a clinic in the village. I liked the look on Toshio’s mothers face when she found out. She was what hell is going on and I was you just got owned.

That ending sequence with Kyouko looked pretty brutal. She was getting poked and prodded with all types of medical instruments. She just has look like how can Toshio be doing this to me. I thought he loved me. Well bitch you just saw that he obviously did love you all that much. But then again she was technically dead. So she became fair game at that point. But I still don’t think I would have been able to do that. It definitely looked like she was in a lot of pain. But at least now I know why they need blood. I think it has something do to with needing oxygen to keep the cells in the body alive.

Itou Ikumi is definitely someone that has it right on the money. But unfortunately she is probably dead now. I damn well know that was shiki that came and got her after that incident at Kanemasa. She should not have messed with them without the proof that they were indeed the root of the problem. But now she will never get that chance because she is dead. The only two people that know now are Ozaki and Natsuno. I guess these two will make a good team. I just wonder what Seishin is going to do.

Well this is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off. Thank you for staying off my lawn.


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