Kuroshitsuji II 12

Yes Claude is dead. I am happy that he is dead. I’m just not happy that it basically happened at the end of the series. But he is dead. Sebastian jabbed that sword right into his heart. By the way that sword looks pretty awesome. I feel that this anime has pretty much wrapped up with the fact that Claude is dead. That duel that they had was not that good though. I wish more would have happened.

Oh my god Ciel is now a demon. That is epic. I just thought that Sebastian was going to eventually eat his soul and then it would end. But now Sebastian is stuck as butler Forever because of his contract. This is a twist I was not expecting. If there was going to be a twist is was Claude getting Ciel’s soul at the end. But this work out much better than that scenario. I just like how you see Ciel eyes flicker that red color. When that happens you know that he revived as a demon. I just wonder what his demon form will be if he were to have one.

I kind of feel bad for all those people that he is leaving behind though. He should figured out a way to keep them at his side. Especially Bard, Elizabeth, Finny, and Melin. They got to you him more than anyone. But they rest of people just got gifts. The card included though was pretty crazy. At first it just says “In Memory of” then it adds Ceil’s name and the date he died. The only one really not caring was Lau. He got to keep his business and that is what made him happy.

This is definitely one show that I will be watching again in the future. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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