K-On 24 Finale

This is the episode that has touched me the most out of the whole anime. It really showed how the Girls of HTT have bonded and become really good friends. In some cases I believe that they are like family to each other. Everything came out in this episode. It was just raw emotion.

Throughout the entire episode I saw a very melancholic Azusa. It made me very sad to see her this way. You could tell that she was sad about her friends and the other members of HTT leaving her. It becomes even more painful when Ui tries to console her. Ui is also a little bit sad that Her Sister Yui is leaving. They will no longer be in the same school. I can say that I was feeling like Azusa when I graduated from High School. I was sad because I was leaving all my friends behind. Even now I miss the silly conversations that we had at the lunch table. I miss how we entertained ourselves while in a boring class. I especially miss walking home with my friends.

It really hit home after the graduation ceremony. All the members of HTT are in the Clubroom and Azusa just broke down and started crying. She did not want them to leave because she was very attached to them. All I have say is that I cried with her. I cried because all her closest friends were leaving her. But the other members would not allow it to be a sad moment. They played her a song that they wrote just for her. It talked about their shared memories and about a friendship that would continue on forever. I really liked that song because it shows you what a true friend is. This whole anime showed about true friendship.

I definitely know that the funniest moment to me was during the graduation ceremony. Yui was trying hard to keep the Thank you card for Sawako hidden. All you see is Sawako stare right at Yui and she is wondering what is going on. But it was the message that was passed on that made it funny. It from being “Sawako is worried about you” to Sawako has failed.” It just has Yui wondering what it means. Of course we know that the mix up happened with Ritsu.

I even felt sorry for Sawako because it was her first set of students that she was put in charge of. She got to see them grow and mature during their senior year. I know it had to be painful for her to see them go. You could tell that she was attached to them and the students attached to her. The students even gave her a Thank you card for being their teacher. This is something I have never heard of even being done. But I see why they did it.

Well this is all for this post. This is a melancholic Xly15 signing off. This time I don’t mind if you are on my lawn.


2 thoughts on “K-On 24 Finale

  1. It was an amazing finale which for the audience is a real emotional clincher thanks to the series having built everything up to this moment. Especially appreciate how it’s not a melodramatic, exaggerated end, while Azusa (and Sawako) get(s) really emotional, the other girls seem to have come to terms with graduating and express their feelings through the song they wrote for Azusa.

    Love how “K-ON!!” as a more light hearted, partly comedy driven slice-of-life series built up so much throughout both seasons to give us such a powerful, moving end.

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