Shiki 10

What the Hell Tohru and Yuuki? They were best friends and yet Tohru bit him. Then there was Megumi who wanted to kill Yuuki because she loved him. What I don’t get that Sexy walk she made while walking towards him. That would not make me feel any better about being killed. Tatsumi is still a little binky boy. I can understand that they need blood in order to survive. But could they not suck animal blood to get the same effect? I just want Tatsumi to burn in the pits of hell.

I do not get Natsuno’s dad. Even if I lived in a rural town like that I would not leave my door unlocked. It just because I do not feel like having all my stuff stolen. Then he had the nerve to rip all that stuff down in Natsuno’s room. Again other thing I would not do. I don’t care what my child would do to their own room because it a place where they can express themselves. It is their own personal sanctuary. Back to the unlocked door. I would not leave a door unlocked especially after Shizuka was at my house. She then left through a window. My door would definitely be locked after that.

Other than what happened to Natsuno the episode basically covered what happened in the last with the attack on Ozaki Clinic. Tatsumi filled everyone in on the fact that Dr. Ozaki and Natsuno were aware of them. So this is Xly15 signing off. THank you for staying off my lawn.


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