Kuroshitsuji II 11

Now I can’t tell who I hate more Claude or Hannah. I think it is pretty much even right now. At least Claude was up front about what his intentions were. Hannah just waited and waited. Why in the hell did she wait anyways? I guess it was because she wanted to cultivate Alois’ soul. Or could it be because Alois was trying to get revenge and she wanted to help? If you are just as confused as I am please discuss it with me.

That was an epic maze that Claude and Sebastian had to go through. I mean just look at its complexity. But some of the questions were quite stupid. Of course Claude was going to know those answers because he had spent the last couple of years with Alois aka Jim Macken. I still don’t get how you have two different soul’s inside one body. But what is up with Alois scratching the hell out of Ceil’s body. He is still in it at that point. It is kind of the thing keeping him attached to his world. If that body were to be destroyed then he would not be able to be in this world.

Then I got the biggest bombshell of all. That Luka contracted with Hannah in order to destroy the village. But Hannah does indeed look sexy in these clothes. I just can’t believe that the demon trio were her minions. They always came off as the minions of Claude. But then again he was taking orders from Hannah. What I don’t get is why Hannah ate Luka’s soul. If she cared for him that much she could have just violated the contract that she made. Unless there is some type of Demon Overlord enforcing the contracts.

The episode ends with Alois/Ceil contracting with Hannah. I just want to know did Hannah already eat the souls? I just like the symbol that came up in the eye after the contract was made. It was an actual spider’s web. That was cool as hell. I want contacts with that in them. Well this is Xly15 signing off. Thank you for staying off my lawn.


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