Nurarihyon no Mago 10

Why do a lot of shows that I watch that involve demons always has one that involves a mirror.? I just want to know that. But at least it was not the conceited and vain person being pursued by the mirror demon. This time it was just a cute and curious little girl named Kana. All she did was pick up a mirror wondering who it belonged too. But then again with a mirror that looks the way that one does even as a child I would not have picked it up. I mean seriously would you have picked that up? Probably not.

Then after she turns thirteen the demon shows up and then it becomes very cliched. The demon drags her into a world on the other side of mirror. That is boring by my standards. I wish the Creator of this Anime could have come up with something better. But this really not important because of what happens afterwards. Rikuo in his yokai form comes to the rescue. Kana then wants Rikuo to hang around because she feels safer around him.

Rikuo then decides to take her to a place with a whole bunch of yokai because she desired to know more about him. I guess that is the fastest way to let her know what type of person/ yokai you are. At first she was scared and then you can tell she enjoyed herself because of way she was sleeping on Rikuo’s back. But what I want to know is how Rikuo got into her house or how he explained himself to her parents.

Other than that not much of interest happened except this face that Tsurara made. I least we know that she is jealous of Kana. This looks like it could foretell some problem in the future. Well until next time this is Xly15 signing off. Thank you for staying off my lawn.


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