K-On 23

This episode made me a little sad because I realized that it is going to end next week. It made really sad to think about it. This has to be one of the best anime shows that I have ever watched in my life. It makes me sad because I feel like I have actually gotten to know someone over the time of watching this show. But I really should be saying this yet because those feelings should be saved for the final episode. So on to the main show.

It is kinda sad to see the girls wondering what to do while they wait for Azusa all day in the clubroom. I know when I was told that I had the week off before the graduation ceremony at my school I did not show back up. I only showed when it was time for the ceremony. But they waited and found things they wanted to do. Plus they got Azusa and Jun to buy them lunch. They got to eat the Golden Chocolate Bread.  Even to me that sounded delicious. I wish I could try something like that. The faces they all made were cute too. Enough about food though or I may make you hungry.

The best part of this whole episode was when they started to record their songs. They had a big long discussion about what song to record first. Then Mugi wanted to try and make a little tape that contained the discussion, but that idea went out the window after Mio and Azusa heard themselves on tape. For a school band making a tape like that would have been really pointless. Especially with the way Ritsu was trying to describe the band. She tried to make it sound like the band had a big influence on their follow classmates.

Then they actually recorded their songs. They looked really satisfied at the end. They accomplished leaving something behind. I would have been really satisfied as well. I just wish that would have actually tried recording an actual album. That would have been way more interesting to see. Well this is all I got for you. This is Xly15 signing off. Thank you for staying off my lawn.


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