Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls 1

I really don’t know how to explain just what went on. I just think it is going to be impossible to explain what went on. I’m just going to say this now. This show just looks like it is going to be fast paced. This just looks like it is going to be girls fighting more girls on top of more girls. But we get the added effect of black dots obscuring all the good stuff. But then again it let’s me use this thing that we call an imagination. But now on to me trying to explain everything and then give some type of an opinion. Remember that this a preairing of this episode. More will come later.

In the beginning we have what looks like some Samurai girls destroying B29 bombers from America. Then we go to when Muneakira Yagyuu Arrives at the place where he is suppose to be working. There are already residents living there and he kind of walks in on them. Of course he is able to snap a picture off. Then he tries to lie to them about taking the picture. This guy is not a good liar at all. I mean they actually saw him take the picture. But then it all become cool and they start to hang out. He goes from being threatened to becoming their friend almost like that.

Then this maid looking girl shows to arrest the other two girls with Muneakira. Oh and by the way those two are Gotou Matabei and Yukimura Sanada. But for now we will focus on the maid girl because she obviously is more interesting. Her name is Hattori Hanzou and she is kind of weird because of this. But what I want to know is how she gets that big scroll looking thing into her hair? That has to be a pain in ass to do. That maid outfit also looks like it would be hard to battle. Gotou has the right idea of wearing the least possible so that way she can maximize her movement.

I’m just going to combine the beginning and end because they both are part of the same event. Muneakira and everyone else see this flash of light and guess what comes out of it. A girl pops out of that white light. A girl and it is a pretty good looking one at that. But the question is how she got there in the first place. Her name is Jubei Yagyuu. By my guess it is her that is really doing a lot of fighting. She just looks bad ass. I can see myself watching this series to the end.

Now one thing is being complained about is the black spot that appear in almost every scene. Now I personally like them because it kind of gives this anime a more relaxed feeling while being all action. Like I said before they also cover up the important stuff as well. But that allows my imagination to work somewhat instead of me just being entertained. I think that I am really going to enjoy this series and I hope you will too. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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