Shiki 9

So it finally happens. Toshio gets his first view of a Shiki by way of Nao. But what still gets me is the fact that she was scratching at window that had no foothold. Can the shikis actually float in midair? Or is it something else? At least now I know that the shikis have some form of mind control or hypnotism as a weapon. I still feel sorry for Setsuko though. She basically got mauled by all those other shikis. That has to be a terrible way to die. Then they just leave the body for Toshio to deal with. They are a bunch of ***holes because of that. But I guess they did that because Toshio got in the way and the shikis wanted him to see the aftermath.

So we finally get to meet Toshio’s wife and Mother. Apparently Toshio and his wife are not on very good terms. It also looks like Toshio’s mother has a particular dislike for his wife as well. Then we have Toshio running himself into ground because he feels powerless to stop what is going on. I mean just look at the way he yells at the end. But I guess most people would be the same way. I mean really how would deal with something like vampires? Then again that also begs the question of how the body would rise up to begin with.

My most favorite character has definitely got to be Tatsumi. It is because he is one of the few shiki that can go out in the sunlight. It is also because he seems to know what is going on at all times. He is just that bad ass character just like Natsuno. I guess you could consider the two the opposites of each other. While Natsuno is trying to stop the Shiki Tatsumi is just pushing for more hunting. He wants an army of shiki.

This definitely had to be the creepiest episode yet. That is because of how Nao looks when she is trying to go after Setsuko. But then again all shiki get the red glowing eyes when hunting. But it gets especially creepy here in these three pictures. This one, This one, and this one. But then she acts all sweet and innocent when running up to Setsuko. She even acts like she is giving her a hug and then comes the bite.

Well this is it for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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