Kuroshitsuji II 10

An epic fight between Claude and Sebastian breaks out right on the lawn in front of the Trancy Mansion. They both want the soul of Ceil because it tastes superb. But I think that Sebastian is fighting with more heart because he is the one who is actually raising the soul. He really wants to get Ceil back from Claude. Claude is definitely a character that needs to die for breaking his deal with Sebastian. I can understand that they are both demons, but I think that even demons have some honor.

What I want to know is when did this Clock tower get put in. I do not remember seeing it in any of the other episodes. It is quite a mystery to me because I don’t think I would have missed that detail. So if someone knows when it appeared in another episode please tell me. But that is the clock tower that Ceil climbs up while screaming for Sebastian to save him. But alas the soul inside the body is not of Ceil, but that of Alois. You learn this because Hana basically tells Claude and Sebastian who it is.

Then of course we have more of Grell loving on Sebastian. We catch Grell trying to get pictures of Sebastian.Sebastian then enlists the help of Grell by him chances to snap really good pictures. The Demon Triplets show up and Sebastian handles them with ease. Grell then uses his death scythe to reveal their memories. It was really interesting to actually get confirmation that Claude was indeed the one contracted with Alois’ younger brother to destroy the village. So Alois was hunting the wrong person the whole time.

I can also see that Ceil definitely hate Claude with a passion because he kicks him the face. It becomes even more apparent after he breaks the mirror and has Claude clean it up instead of Hannah. But then we get to see the whole freaky scene with the eyeball in Hannah’s mouth and Ceil being able to see himself suffering. I think that is what sent into Alois mode. But it freaks me out that it even happened in the first place.

What really gets me is that for the last few episodes we have not seen Bard, Finny, or Meilin. I mean really if they were really serious about protecting Ceil or were even worried about him you would think that they would be trying to help. To me they were some of the most important support characters in the whole series. But what am I going to do about it.

Well that is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


18 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji II 10

  1. About Alois Hunting The Wrong Person THe whole time, I thing Alois made a bad Business deal with his village destroyer/brother’s killer

    1. If you really think about Alois really had no purpose in looking for the Person who killed his brother because his brother killed himself. His brother contracted with a Demon that I going to assume was Claude to destroy the village. After said village destroying was done Alois’ brother had to fill his end of the bargain. So really Alois was going no where.

      1. No I think The Same Jackass that stole his Soul was the one Who Killed His Brother. The Jackass I’m talking about is Claude

    1. I Hope that maid stick her Hand Up ceil’s ASS and Get Alois soul out of Him, take that ring off of mr Phantomhive Put alois Eyeball back were it belongs, and Revive that Nutjob tell him the truth and then help sebatian KILL Claude’s ASS

      1. That is the only thing I do not understand is where is Alois’ soul. Claude makes it look like that it is ring. But I don’t think that is necessarily the case. But it is pretty cool that Alois is talking through Ceil’s body.

      2. You really need to calm down. I’m being all nice a polite in the replies. Why must you get all frustrated and start seeming like your angry at me?

  2. If this Anime Keeps Up we may end up with Kuroshitsuji: Special Victims Unit and Kuroshitsuji: Criminal Intent or Maybe Kuroshitsuji In Color

  3. What this Means is that We will have spinoffs of Kuroshitsuji (that is if Ceil stays alive at the end of This Series and if Alois gets revived by sebatian or Hannah)

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