K-On 22

Seeing the girls jump up at the results board at the end of the episode was just plain funny. Mio and Yui had the most priceless faces ever. Then after that you learn that they all made it into the same college by way of Azusa’s phone. That little bit just made me feel happy because it keeps making me think that made another Season/sequel is coming. Let’s all just hope that Azusa decides to go to the same school as them. We already know that Ui plans to follow Yui.

But that was not the only important thing that went on in this episode. It was also Valentine’s Day. So he had Jun, Azusa, and Ui discussing what they were going to do for the Holiday. Azusa ends up deciding to bake a cake for Yui and the others. It is so cute when you see Ui, Jun, and Ui baking that cake when Yui walks in. You just see Azusa start flipping out because she does not want Yui to find out. Good thing Ui know how to held that situation.

One thing I cannot believe is that Ritsu was going to answer the questions on the College entrance exam with numbers on pencil. That would have been leaving up to total chance. I would never do that because that is asking for a failing grade. I would just rather take the time and study for the test. But most times those tests are not something that can be studied for. But at least Mio derailed Her by telling her that the Questions had nine possible answer choices.

It was so funny when Azusa was waiting to give the Chocolate cake to the girls. Of course Jun had to came up and make the problem worse. All the things that Jun said just made the situation worse. She imagined like a love scene and then like a scene where the girls thought it was a bomb. The most reasonable one was putting it in a desk and it getting squashed by a book. Maybe Jun should have stayed out of the way. But it ended with the girls finally getting to eat the cake in the club room. It was cute when all the girls stared out the window at the snow. It made me feel all warm inside.

Well that is it for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and Thank you for staying off my lawn.

2 thoughts on “K-On 22

  1. I’m with you in hoping that KyoAni can squeeze a little more goodness out of K-ON!! & give us some after school series or OVA. Right now though I still feel a little sad with each passing episode. The laughs and the love are still there, I just don’t wanna think about it stopping. I think the best laugh came at that little skit where the seniors thought her gift was a bomb.

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