Fairy Tail 44

I’m glad that Erza was able to beat Evergreen and get the girls back to normal. But I must say that Evergreen is a bitch. She lost the fight, but still in the end she got the last laugh. I just like how Erza made a big bluff. That is the epic thing I ever saw. “So you value victory more than your own life.” that is a very redundant question. Unless a person has a very high sense of justice and the feeling of being right they won’t follow someone to their death. Most people value life more than victory. Tho time they mean the same is when victory helps to extend your life. But I did love that face that Juvia made after being unfrozen. It was the WTF? face. What I mean is that she looked like she was wondering what was going on. It was so darn cute because of the fact that she was wearing a swimsuit while making it.

Laxus really pissed me off this episode. He cannot take being defeated so easily and then he decides that he is going to take the city hostage. That is f-ing messed up. He would be willing to kill innocent people to accomplish becoming the master of Fairy Tail. I just wonder if the wizards on the council would just let that happen though. I guessing not because it involves innocent people.

Then we come to what will be the next battle. Lucy/Loke v.s. Bicslow. It looks like it is shaping up to be a good fight as considering Loke is going all Super Sayian on Bicslow. But I kind of fell sorry for Loke because he is doing it out of love for Lucy and it does not quite seem that Lucy has those same feelings. But of course I’m going to make a comment on this. Lucy just looks Damn Sexy like that. She is going to beat the shit out of Bicslow and then She will go all dominatrix on Loke after the battle. Loke has got it made. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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