Asobi ni Iku Yo 8

I wish we could create something like those Antimatter bullets that the Cat People have. It would wake warfare so awesome. Instead of people dying we would have naked people running around on the battlefield. It would also make it easier to get inside of a building without blowing a big hole in it and making a lot of noise. But enough about the bullets.

What about that battle between Aoi and Manami? I mean really I saw the outcome of the battle before it even began. I also figured that Manami would push through the kiss idea. I was really hoping that would happen. Then blam out of nowhere they start getting sniped at. Apparently that sniper is a bad aim to miss the target on the first shot. I’m pretty sure that anyone wanting the job done properly would have made sure that the target could be hit in one shot.

I’m kind of getting mad at Manami for thinking that it is too late for her and Kio. I mean seriously it is never too late if she would just tell him her feelings. But that also begs the question if Kio would actually know what is going on. Seriously both Aoi and Manami need to start being more aggressive or they will lose to Eris. But then again I think they are probably fighting a losing battle. Personally I would like the ending with Kio and Eris being together.

But now we go back to the Antimatter bullets. I could really see what they would be used for by what is displayed here and here. I could see a whole bunch of guys just going around and shooting these at women. But then again if they ever really existed then it would probably be a military only weapon. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


4 thoughts on “Asobi ni Iku Yo 8

  1. This anime is really disappointing. It introduces The rich girl, cat people, and the dog people, but wants to spend most of its time revolving around manami (who actually is pretty annoying) and Aoi.

    Seriously, I thought I’d finally found a good cat girl anime, then it turns out Eris just takes a backseat to everything else. I don’t know why they even introduced the cat girl aspect of it when all they wanted to focus on was Aoi and Manami. :/

    1. I can see what you are talking about, but I still believe that Eris has a more prominent role in anime. You have to remember that both Aoi and Manami feel threatened by Eris and are trying to get Kio to pay attention to them.

      But I think that is a losing battle because it seems that Kio has no interest in them.

      1. Eris seems to be more of a plot-device than anything, now. She gets very, very little screen-time, has no character development, or even a backstory, no enemies – nothing. We don’t really know her very well at all (Does she have likes or dislikes? WHY does she like Kio? How did she get appointed her position as Cathean ambassador?* etc…) She landed here, got caught by a couple organizations, then let Aoi and Manami take the spotlight for episodes straight.

        I’m pretty sure even before the beach episode (where they officially counted Eris as a threat), though, they still hadn’t actually given Eris as much screentime.

        It’s too late to even try to wrap up anything resembling the plot, now, let alone Eris.

        Sorry, I’m just really disappointed. This had great potential, then just threw it all away in favor of 2 characters that seemlingly weren’t even supposed to be the main characters in the first place. It feels like a bait and switch.

        *It’s episode 8 now, and we still know none of this. She’s such a shallow character that people are starting to hate her because of it.

      2. I guess your right. By the looks of it there are only 4 episodes left until the anime is over unless they decide to extend it. But if they don’t then we are left with a lot of glaring plot holes and almost no character development for Eris. Maybe they will actually start to develop some on Eris in the next couple of episodes.

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