Shiki 8

I swear the midget girl at the end was creepy as hell. I would not have let her in my house. She just basically demanded to be let in the house. At that point I would have probably just closed the door in her face. Then that puppet just increased the creepiness by a lot. She just basically let the puppet do the talking. Just when you think that she is actually going to talk straight to Natsuno’s dad her flipping hand is a puppet as well. I mean seriously would you have let that thing into your house. She has also just interrupted what looks like is going to be a good dinner.

After the funeral for the old lady Muroi looks like he is on a mission. If I were Muroi I would put a little more credence in what my friend the doctor was saying. I would also be digging some of those graves Like Natsuno and crew did. They were pretty smart to dig up that grave so that way they knew that Shimizu’s body was not there. But Kaori was dumb as a box of rocks. If I even thought it was vampires I would be staying pretty close to other people just so that I cannot be picked off. I would prefer if someone did not have to come to my rescue. Kaori did not look like she got affected by the fact that she basically got kidnapped. Natsuno looked more shook up after hitting that guy in the face. He even kept thinking about it afterwards.

By what we know well over fifteen people have died in the village, but not all of them have risen. The process is not all successful. I liked how Natsuno knocked down Kaori’s brother’s idea of busting into Kanemasa. He has a very good point about not knowing how many of the dead have risen. I mean screw that idea because unless the whole village is with me I would not be going up there. Preferably I wauld just get the hell out of town. The vampires can have it. Well this is it for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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