Kuroshitsuji II 9

At this point Claude is definitely one of the characters I hate the most. But the Demon Maid comes in at a close second. I just cannot believe that he would kill the person that he contracted with, but I guess that is what you get for making a deal with a demon. By my guess they discussed ways to use the soul of Alois Trancy to their advantage. But Claude basically has everything figured out. He plans on using Alois’ soul to muddle the taste of Ceil’s. How you blend two souls together I will never know. To me it seems that the two souls would just fight each other.

The maid must be stupid because she keeps a gun in her dress, but the dress is not made for easy access. Personally if I were a women and wanted to keep a gun where she does I would make it easy for me to get to it. But at least Sebastian is able to dodge all those bullets and get to the before she pulls it out. See what I mean about it taking longer to rip open the dress instead of just having the top open to being with. But she gets choked out and Sebastian looks like he is having fun.

Meanwhile Ceil is still in his box and he starts to remember his past. Ceil then decides to get out of the box and he is caught by what looks like people from Scotland Yard. He is then taken somewhere and they torture the hell out of him. They keep wanting him to admit that he is Alois Trancy. Then afterwards Claude is in the room and is trying to get Alois’s memories into Ceil. It is a success because Ceil retreats from Sebastian when he shows up. Maybe now Ceil will listen to Sebastian more when he is told to do something. Then again maybe not. It is kind of weird how Claude was able to blend the two souls together after Ceil went through his little green bath. I want know what the hell was in that to make Ceil so open to suggestion.

I definitely know that Sebastian is not too happy with what happened. He really wanted to eat Ceil’s soul. I would be pretty pissed to though. That is why I hate Claude with a passion. He is trying to steal someone’s meal that they carefully prepared. This is Xly15 signing off and Thank you for staying off my lawn.


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