K-On S2 21 Impressions

It is picture day for HTT minus Azusa because she is not a Senior. In this episode we have a serious Yui, an Ui that looks like Yui, Horribly cut hair, picture day, and the girls decision to attend the same college. We have serious moments, dramatic moments, and the not so dramatic or serious.  Now to the main event.

In the beginning Yui is trying to find a good hairdo for herself by messing with her hair in front of a mirror. At school Azusa walks in with her down and almost walks into school with her street shoes on. Good thing Ui pointed that out to her. In the classroom Ui is tying up Azusa’s hair and decides to let hers down. It is a spitting image of Yui. Yui does feel like herself because of her missing hairpins. She gets them back though.

They are all chilling out in the clubroom when Yui miss cuts her hair by sneezing. The other girls try lying to her, but fail horribly at it. The next day Yui walks into school with a scarf over her head. Mugi finally gets her to take it off by threatening her with no snacks. Next comes the pictures. They all take reasonably good pictures. Lastly they all decide to attend the same college together.

I don’t think I could have lied to Yui about her haircut. I probably would have busted out laughing or remained silent. What I don’t get is why she did not correct it by making it a straight cut across or why she did not go to a hair stylist to fix it. I got very happy at the end when all the girls decided to attend the same college. I hope that a new season/sequel to K-On comes out. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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