Nuraihyon no Mago 8 Impressions

This episode is the fight between Gyuki and Rikuo. Gyuki does not want to acknowledge Rikuo as the Head of the Nura Clan because he does not maintain a Yokai form all the time. But to me it should not matter what form Rikuo is in as long as he proves that he can handle the duties of his job. So basically Rikuo has to make Gyuki recognize him as the Supreme Commander of the Yokai. So Gyuki and Rikuo have a sword fight.

The confrontation before the fight.

These two standing posed to take each others heads off.

They seem to have cut each other. Look at that spray of blood.

After the little fight Gyuki starts to tell Rikuo of his past and how he got into the Nura Clan. It starts off with the Death of Gyuki’s mother at the hands of the Former Lord Gyuki of Mt. Nejireme. He killed and proceeded to keep killing in his name. Eventually the Nura Clan showed up to put him in his place. After three days of fighting Gyuki gets his ass handed to him by The Supreme Commander aka one of Rikuo’s relatives.

The battle of Mt. Nejireme raged for three days. Gyuki is beaten by one of Rikuo’s Relatives.

After the epic battle on Mt. Nejireme Gyuki is given the choice to join the Nura Clan. He is completely beaten and then acknowledged by the Supreme Commander. Gyuki is given two days to decide if he wants to join. After the second day he decides that he will join the Nura Clan and swear loyalty to the Supreme Commander. And that is how Gyuki came to be part of the Nura Clan. Well that is all for this post and I thank you for staying off my lawn. This is Xly15 signing off.


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