Fairy Tail 43 Impressions

The episode starts off in the most epic way possible. Three different fights are going on at the same time. Can you say epic with me? I especially like the fight between all the girls. A whole bunch of Fairy Tail Girls are ganging up on one that they think is slutty. Let’s just that the one being called slutty owns some noob ass. So many fights are going on. It is a death carnival inside the city. But no one is exactly dying now. Fight Number One. I don’t know who these two are and they are not important anyways.

Telepathy will never defeat sand. Telepathy would only work when you have teammates to feed info to.

This girl is owning some noobs here.

And again. Maybe the other girls should not have called her a slut.

Now the Raijin Tribe decides to join in the fun. The epicness is multiplied by a factor of ten. Their magic types are just awesome. I especially like that guy that can use the ruins. That is the magic skill I would like to have. But all of Raijin Tribe kinda freak me out. And why do they have to be lead by some ego maniac who is only stroking his own ego in this thing he set up. I mean even Laxus creeps me out.

Freed the ruin user. His name is just ironic.

Bicslow, he uses some type of magic that allows him to put souls into what he calls dolls.

Evergreen, She can turn people to stone. I would not want to do her. If she did not like it you become a statue.

Erza is revived in all her gothic Lolita goodness. I think that is the best look for her yet. It has something to do with her eye. But you know that now it just became even more epic. The epicness continues to increase when Mystogan enters the picture. He looks like he means business. Last but not least me learn of fight that will happen between Erza and Evergreen. I can’t wait fer the next episode.

That is just freaking sexy looking. That should be her normal clothing from now on.

Mystogan enters. He has business to attend. He just looks bad-ass.

Looks like a fight to me. Stay tuned for the next episode.

This episode was just plain epic. By the looks of it the next episode will be even more epic. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.

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