Asobi ni Iku Yo 7 Impressions

In the beginning of the episode Eris is in a school uniform at Kio’s school. Apparently she is told that it is to investigate the Japanese school system. Then the leader from The Underside the Cat’s Paw joins the same school as well. It looks like things are on track to become a big problem down the road.

Eris in her school uniform. If you ask me the school girl uniform is a big turn on for me.

These two are just lounging around Kio’s house aka their Embassy. They look pretty relaxed.

Then these girls show up. Seriously what is up with the bread in their mouths. I would be very scared of her two body guards.

After this Eris and everyone else is invited a on trip with Kio and the film club. But they all have to join first. On the way to where they are going  another girl member of the film club hits upon the fact that both Manami and Futaba like Kio. But she uses the puppet to do so. The puppet kinda scares me. Just look.

Just look at that Creepy puppet.

I guess camp is at a beach. It brings up questions of what the film club was planning on filming. All the girls go into a tent brought by Antonia to get dressed in swimsuits. It looks like Eris is just enjoying herself. But I wouldn’t want to approach that tent with all the armed maids outside.

The maids serve a dual purpose. Not only can they clean but they act as body guards as well. Where can I get some?

See Eris is enjoying herself along with the other girls. But Manami and Futaba look very serious.

The fun just ensues. They go swimming, Kio teaches Futaba how to film, and they eat something that looks really good. They get attacked by robots of the Dogisians. Kio trys to protect Eris and then Futaba jumps in and protects the both of them. But before the attack Futaba and Eris meet a girl named Ichika.

Just look at that food. I want some of that.

Futaba and Eris meeting Ichika. I have to wonder what side she is on?

Kio and Eris are the first ones to get attacked. It is by some type of dog robot thing.

Here comes the attack. They have spears. I think I could take them though. I mean it is only spears.

The counter attack begins. The assistdroids are on a roll. I wish I had some of these.

The best way to end the episode. All four of the main characters are standing around trying to figure out what to do next.

Well this was a pretty good episode in my book. I can only expect bigger and better from this anime. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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