Seitokai Yakuindomo 8 Impressions

The suggestions made by the President are crossed out and blurred.

The episode starts of with the Student Council trying to brain storm up some events for the sports festival. But because the school just became co-ed they have to include the boys too. The President is suggesting all kinds of sexually oriented events. But Tsuda shut her by suggesting events that would actually make sense. Then they realize that some of the classes are mixed while some have no male students an all. So the idea of a handicap comes up. Of course the President suggests something sexual. Tsuda counters with a limit on the number of events that the male students can compete in.

The President is actually suggesting something sexual. But the picture does not imply that.

Later on they are in the halls discussing the school’s rule of no running in the halls. Of course Aria says they should be able to run around the corners or else children will be born. It then into a manga type explanation. A boy runs into girl around a corner and they both fall. He sees her panties and later while being introduced in class sees her and announces that he saw them. They go to date, then get married, and then they have a child together.

This is couple running into each other. He is looking straight at her panties.

Them getting married. Don’t they look cute.

He is holding up his children. At first he says it is a boy. His wife then corrects him and says it is a girl.

Later on Kaede Igarashi from Ousai’s morals committee comes into the Student Council Room. Hata happens to be with her and she gave the photos to Kaede from when they all stayed at that hotel in the last episode. Kaede is accusing them of doing perverted things. The President tries to explain, but makes it sound even worse. So then Aria comes up with the idea of having Kaede checking a certain area of their bodies. She believes them because she does not want to check.

This Kaede and she has a fear of boys.

The Photos in question. I really don’t see the perverted stuff.

Hata talking about giving the photos to Kaede.

Then we go to the final thing which is a judo match. One of the girls on Ousai’s team gets hurt so the President steps in. As we get into her match all hear is a bunch of sounds that make it sound like a match. Then we see into her imagination. She is imaging as some type of sexual encounter between to two guys. We get some yoai going on here at the end. She then wins the match and we cut to the credit screen.

The President is imaging that this is what the match is like. Some yoai stuff.

The President winning the match.

The best part was when Kaede is accusing them of doing perverted stuff. The President just basically makes the whole situation worse and the Aria piles more on. Well this is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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