Shukufuku no Campanella 8 Impressions

The episode starts off with Salsa and Ritos looking into the Oasis Clan Building through a window. That is about the only thing interesting that happens in the very beginning. I must so that Golem basically became a likeable character. It is kinda weird for Golem to be expressing feelings. Then we learn that Minette has to be around someone from the clan at all times during the celebration. Of course Salsa are Ritos are enlisted to help.

The episode gets very ecchi very fast. The Twins decide to advertise both Their clan and Oasis with the help of Minette. Ritos comes up with the idea to get into swimsuits to do so. They then strike various poses in order to heighten their already beautiful selves even more. The next few photos all comes from this point.

The bikini top coming off Salsa was definitely the icing on the cake. But I still like the pose that Minette made the best. They then do a performance with Agnes in the Town square. You know that went over well. It looked like a majority of the crowd was male. After that they go over to the Coffee Shop being Ran by Chelsea and the Other Holy Knights. We get to see Chelsea in a maid outfit as well as the Twins.

Chelsea does look good in her Maid Outfit, but I like the twins better. They just pull it off so much better than Chelsea does. But it looks like Ritos does not want to do any work. Oh AN We get to see Golem in a Maid Outfit. Well more or less it is an apron.

Why Golem got into an apron we will never know. It even surprises Salsa. Enough about that. Let’s move on. They proceed to split up and the Twins go into building where the Knights keep the so-called Artifacts. They start discussing a red gem that Salsa was about to steal. The dragon avatar keeps changing the name of it. It is just like the episode with the Shouseki snake.

I will never get why she keeps changing the names of things. It like she is trying to make it sound worse then it really is. But let us proceed. The ending of the episode is coming up and Ritos has Salsa go back to the Oasis Clan House to retrieve something. It was all a plan to get Salsa to admit her feelings to Leicester. She endings up getting groped by Leicester’s mother.

The episode ends with a nice ending and a fireworks display put on by the Twins and Golem. All in all this was a very great episode. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.


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