Kuroshitsuji II 8 Impressions.

This episode definitely made the series take a twist. More was told about Alois Trancy aka Jim Machaen. You got to see the village he lived in as a kid and you got to see that he was crazy as a kid as well.

Alois Trancy as a kid From Kuroshitsuji II

This is the scene where he wishes for everyone in the village to utter annihilation. See it proves that Alois was crazy as a kid as well. I’m sorry that subtitles don’t show up.

This scene comes right after everyone in the village is basically massacred. He is waving that victory sign around along with his little brother. He must feel good corrupting another person to think like he does. But a surprise is coming.

I told something bad was going to happen. Now his only friend has died and he is afraid of being alone. This had to be a scene of mixed feelings for me because he kinda got he deserved for wishing the village gone.

This scene started to make think I was tripping just a little. I guess it is not a good idea to eat three day old sloppy joe and then watch this. At least we get to see Claude in his animal form. Just think about being trapped in that web next to a giant spider like that. At least we know how the contract making process started with Alois.

Now I make a jump to basically the end and we see a bad ass image of  Claude holding the wolf that was about to kill Alois. But Claude does not look to happy about this situation.

Now here is a scene. If you are homophobic you may not want to look at it. Claude gets pretty close to Alois’ face it looks like they are going to kiss. But all Claude does is kill Alois because he does not want him anymore.

Now that is epic to say the least. The blood has spilled out and it looks like a blooming rose. To bad that Alois had to die. He was a really likeable character.

At least I know that she is a demon now. But Seriously must she poke her finger into his eye socket. It is just creepy.

Well that is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.

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