Kaichou wa Maid-Sama 21 Impressions

The episode starts off with Misa trying to get the clubs to clean out their rooms which they do not want to do. Yukimaru then offer them refreshments in order to get the help. While walking back inside the school Misa asks Usui what he wants and he says porridge. That is what Misa made him after he got injured.

This is in Misa’s imagination. She is remembering Usui saying that he was fine with porridge. The purple background kinda looks evil, but he has such a nice face on.

This is when Misa first tries to make rice balls for the refreshments. She realizes that it is epic fail to the n degree. She is very bad with cooking. But I guess I can’t expect her to be good at everything.

Yukimura tells Kanou that Misa and Usui are like the Golden Combination. They rely on and support each other really well. Misa thinks that she does not need Usui help, but as we can see she does.

This one is here for no reason for this one I just think this one is cute. I mean just like at that cute face. It looks like Yukimura takes first place in making rice balls.

Where was this guy at? He just fly through the air after a piece of food. It looks like he hit the ground pretty hard. Look at all that dust he kicked up. What is this kid?

We now know his name is Shintani Hinata and that he loves to eat constantly. He has also has the canny ability to get people to feel sorry for him. I wish I could do this.

His second ability is that he has an impeccable nose. He can tell what the food is even if it is in its packaging still. He has to be some type of super normal being. I mean first he jumps after a piece of food and does not break anything and now this.

It looks like Usui has competition now. Shintani aka You-kun loves Misa as well. I mean he came back he said to find the girl that he loves. Let’s see how Usui looks.

Usui looks a little melancholic. He realizes that he is going to have to work hard than before to get Misa to realize his feelings and hers as well.

Well that is it for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.

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