Kuroshitsuji I – My Take

This is going to be my review and impressions of the Anime Series “Kuroshitsuji”. Kuroshitsuji takes place in late 19th century England. The story follows the actions of Ceil Phantomhive the sole survivor and Heir to the Phantomhive Family and business. He is out to get revenge for the murder of his parents. He has the help of his Butler, Sebastian Michaels . Let’s just say that he is one hell of a butler.

The story of this anime takes twists and turns everywhere it can. Just when you think you have it figured out it changes again. But that is what keeps you interested in this anime. It loves to screw with your wind whenever it can. It is a story very rich in detail and character development. You will learn how everyone came to be in that household and what makes them tick.

Since the anime takes place in late 19th Century England the art styling is reminiscent of that era. You will see buildings of Victorian make and some of even earlier styles. The animation was excellent and it showed. The animators took time in constructing the settings in the anime. It showed in the details that helped to make the anime more convincing and believable.

I was not overly fond of the music in the anime. The voices though were excellently voiced and delivered. When it was a dramatic moment the speech would be dramatic. When it was a fun and easy going mood the voices delivered that. I can that I did enjoy the first opening.

Now to tell you what my favorite episode was in the whole series. My favorite episode was the episode where everything is comes together. You learn the real reason for the murder of Ceil’s parents. You learn that a fallen angel is controlling a fake Queen of England to manipulate the world into war. That angel wants to cleanse the world of all evil things.

This is it for my review and impressions on Kuroshitsuji. This is Xly15 signing off and thank you for staying off my lawn.

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